Welcome, Interns.

Let's sus out all these details, shall we?

Training Overview

Here's the thing: training participation is technically optional, since not completing any training has no impact on your current internship

But, if you want to do another, future internship with VFC—or take advantage of other VFC programming—there's only one rule.  

The golden rule: you must complete the training minimum in order to do future internships.

So how does that work? Training is tracked using points. You’ll collect points for any training you complete from the VFC Virtual Training Library this semester, and those points unlock rewards, which are outlined in the Points & Rewards section below. 

Let's say it again. Without the minimum collection of points, VFC will not fund a future internship.

Even if you don’t think training is for you, we recommend that you at least check out the Welcome & HOW TO course on Docebo, so you understand what you might be missing out on if you choose not to participate.

If this isn’t your first time as a VFC-funded intern, please be aware that there is a mid-semester deadline to collect points for a Summer 2022 internship. Make sure you check out the most up-to-date deadlines and information! 

Important Dates & Deadlines


Training Launch

Jan 14

Deadline to collect 15 training points in order to be eligible for funding to cover a Summer 2022 Internship

April 8

Training Close; deadline to collect points for rewards from Venture for Canada

May 10

Accessing Training
Login to Training Platform
Step 1: Activate your Docebo account.

You will receive an email from VFC on the first day of training. Don’t see it? Check your spam folder. No luck? internsupport@ventureforcanada.ca.

Step 2: Activate your Linkedin Learning license, then return to Docebo to take Linkedin Learning Courses.

You'll receive an email from Linkedin Learning on the first day of training.

Step 3: Choose your Info Session slot and click “Enroll.”

We recommend investing these 20 minutes to ensure you don't miss anything.

The Points & Rewards


Qualify for VFC FUNDING for a Summer 2022 (or later) Internship.

This internship can be an extension with your current employer unless you are currently working an extension with the same employer from Fall 2021. This internship can also be new if you find it on your own, or on our job board.

As long as you are a post-secondary student, we can fund an internship. You can find this internship on your own, or on our job board.

Points Required: 15

Deadline to Repeat for Summer 2022: April 8, 2022

Deadline to Repeat in Fall 2022 or Future: May 10, 2022

Receive an ADVANTAGE in the VFC Fellowship Selection Process.

The Fellowship Selection Process includes three stages: Written Application (1), Recorded Interview (2), and a Team Challenge (3). You will be automatically advanced to Stage 3. You will still complete Stages 1 and 2.

Points Required: 20

Deadline: May 10, 2022

Receive an exclusive invitation to a VFC SUMMIT.

In light of COVID-19 precautions, VFC Summit participants currently receive a package of virtual opportunities, including an exclusive invitation to four months of VFC's Entrepreneurial Speaker Series; advanced entrepreneurial leadership resources, and access to current and alumni VFC Fellows: leaders in startup companies across Canada.

Points Required: 25

Deadline: May 10, 2022



Docebo isn't loading correctly?

  • Docebo likes Chrome the best. 
  • Clearing your cache works wonders, too.
  • If you’re using Docebo in Incognito mode, please select “allow cookies.”
  • All else fails? Email internsupport@ventureforcanada.ca

I already have a LinkedIn Learning license. Can I use that license instead?

Even if you already have a LinkedIn Learning license we ask that you still activate your VFC LinkedIn Learning license so we can track your training participation.

How do I view LinkedIn Learning courses?

Not through LinkedIn Learning. Instead, choose your LinkedIn Learning courses - one point each! - from a LinkedIn Learning course catalog in Docebo. They’re grouped by topic!. This semester, we are excited to be able to offer these course catalogs in French and English. Make sure that you complete these courses in Docebo so that you get points for your courses!

How are my training activities tracked?

With the exception of the Challenge Menu, your training activities are tracked by Docebo. You will be automatically awarded points for self-paced sessions, live session recordings or LinkedIn Learning courses that you view, as well as for live sessions you attend. Be sure to read the description of each training activity for information on how many training points the activity is worth.

Where can I view my points?

View your points on Docebo homepage. Please note that points from Challenge Menu submissions are not automatically awarded; these points will be tracked by our team once a week (and on both deadline days). 

Remember: In order to be eligible for Summer 2022 funding, you must complete a minimum of 15 training points by April 8th, 2022.


I can no longer attend a live session that I signed up for. Now what?

Switch sessions (if you’d prefer to attend another session) or un-enroll from the live session entirely. Use the middle button on the top right hand side of your screen to select either of these options.  

I don’t really use my laptop. Can I access this on my phone?

Yes! Please download the Docebo app and learn from there. 

Where can I connect with other Interns?

The VFC LinkedIn Community space. 

What should I do if I have other questions?

Step 1: Carefully review the information presented on this page & the 'Welcome & HOW TO' course and see if your question is answered there

Step 2: If it is not, reach out to internsupport@ventureforcanada.ca. We will get back to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends)